Fostering Children’s Potential: The Power of Encouragement

Children Thrive Encouragement Kids have incredible talents and untapped potential, and giving praise and motivation can help them shine even brighter. They possess boundless potential waiting to be unleashed, and appreciation and motivation are the keys to unlocking their hidden talents. At Junior Authors, we are dedicated to nurturing and promoting children's imagination and writing skills and taking them to the next level. It's like a club that guides and supports children as they create and publish their very own books. When kids see their hard work recognized and appreciated, it fuels their energy and ambition to do even more....

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Junior Authors – Christmas Writing Event

Junior Authors bring a lifetime achievement opportunity for every child. Write Your Santa Story in Your Style and Get an opportunity to Win Certificates, Author's Title and an exclusive media coverage at Junior Authors WITH AN OPPORTUNITY to PUBLISH your write up at Amazon. Last Day of Story Submission: 10th December 2022   [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

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Junior Authors – Creating Magic in Learning

It has been scientifically proven and well said by the famous Leonardo Da Vinci that "learning a lesson without desire, spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” Therefore, fostering love for learning in the child should be the first step towards his/her academic and overall development. Therefore, as a child psychologist, a parenting coach and a mother of two , I truly believe that "Motivate Your Child to Learn and Your Half Work is Done". Taking a serious note on the above said, Junior Authors has been launched digitally to reach out to every child and...

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