Positive Parenting

Pandemic and peer learning can go hand in hand

Unlike the old golden days, we aren’t exposing our children to the physical learning environment where learning was not merely about learning the given topics, listening to teachers, and the formal assessments. Learning was beyond these limitations and the most important aspect of what is missing in the online education is Peer Learning. If you ask here, what is peer learning? Try to recall your grandma’s and grandpa’s words when they used to emphasize kids for spending time with their age groups rather than sitting and roaming around adults at home. The reason was kids learn and develop better when...

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Junior Authors – Creating Magic in Learning

It has been scientifically proven and well said by the famous Leonardo Da Vinci that "learning a lesson without desire, spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” Therefore, fostering love for learning in the child should be the first step towards his/her academic and overall development. Therefore, as a child psychologist, a parenting coach and a mother of two , I truly believe that "Motivate Your Child to Learn and Your Half Work is Done". Taking a serious note on the above said, Junior Authors has been launched digitally to reach out to every child and...

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Magical Phrases – Parenting Made Easy

As a parenting expert, the most common problem of every parent I have experienced is their concern about their child saying “NO” to their commands and to most of the things he is supposed to do or follow. I believe, we have to accept a fact that we have become parents in a completely different era than the one we grew up in. The world, the technology, and the lifestyle didn’t change as rapidly then as it does now and so our little ones who are meant to fit in this ever-changing world are dynamic too. Long gone are the...

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