Tim: The Naughty Boy

The naughty little author Vihaan has written a very naughty story too. The way he has described the boy makes us believe in the character and the sentences framed and the activities done by the little Tim says so much about the creative ideas Vihaan has.

Keep reading stories and do put your comments and feedback to keep up the spirit of our cute author Vihaan.


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About Author

Vihaan Mandaliya

Vihaan Mandaliya

Little Vihaan is 7 years old boy who is not just naughty but a master of maths.
A very sensitive and a loving child and at such a young age, he never complains of his pains and sufferings to his mother thinking she will be troubled.
He loves narrating stories and now trying to put his creativity of words into sentences to improve language skills.





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