The Upside Down World

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This is the 2nd series of the book “School in Space” written by “Ansh Jha’ and it continues to have more adventures and comedy to double amaze you and like in the previous version, this ebook too will keep you in the dumbstruck position throughout.


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21st February 2021

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Ansh Jha

Ansh Jha

Meet our 9 years old Author, Ansh Jha who has recently fallen in love with writing and his first eBook, 'School in Space' will tell you all about his creativity and imagination and will take you to the fantasy world in no time.

Along with his new hobby of writing, Ansh loves gaming and he is a big fan of the game Fortnite, he also enjoys building Lego and playing soccer in his leisure hours.

Well, if you want to know his secret of creating so many adventures in his stories, meet him while he is having his favorite spaghetti and reading his favorite story book and he will be in the best mood to share what inspires him to create adventures and mysteries in his stories.

13 reviews for The Upside Down World

  1. Harish Chandra Jha

    Very nice

  2. Anonymous


  3. Akanksha Rastogi

    Ansh, your story kept me spell bound. Your creativity and out of the box thinking is commendable. The concept of book is really nice and unique. Your stories always open up a new dimension to thinking and it is hard to digest you get such great ideas at tender age of 9 years.

    The flow of story is so good, as soon as Luke or Katie press the button, I see myself as a reader traveling to their world. The way you take us to look at things in a different and opposite way and help realise the pros and cons of present ones in such a simple and efficient manner is praiseworthy. Both your books are a perfect blend of creativity , fun , and a hidden lesson of showing us the value of our present world.

    How a short stay changed their perception? How even after getting everything for free, they get desperate to get back to their old world? And how when I thought story is going to get over, it twists and kept me so curious and engaged that I forgot my world until Luke and Katie return to theirs.

    I am looking forward for more and more books from you. You are in my favourite author’s list now. So keep writing for your reader fans…!!

  4. Bhavesh Jha

    Fantastic story and twist in the computer shop is amazing.. you kept me totally engaged…salute your creativity.. I loved the part : Hi means Bye and Bye means Hi…. all the best Ansh and keep going…

  5. Harish Chandra Jha

    Excellent job. God bless you my child.

  6. Mieke

    Very nice story with a lot of imagination. Well done Ansh!

  7. Jeevan family

    Wow Ansh, what an nice story. Very good!!! Nice comedyy. Really interesting topic. Keep it up! Looking forward to you’re next story!!!

  8. Aimée

    It’s really nice to see and read how much imagination you have and the stories you come up with! I also like the jokes you make in this book. Keep writing Ansh!

  9. Neha

    Excellent writing. Very well articulated. I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. Kudos Ansh!

  10. Chhavi Singh

    Keep going…is a diligent boy…my champ….

  11. Praful Singh

    Well done, Ansh! We are proud of you.. little author.. keep it up.. may God bless you..

  12. Neha

    Good job Ansh.. fantastic story I’m looking forward your next book.

  13. Purvi

    Wonderfully written Ansh! Proud of you my boy:-)

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