The Reunion Ring

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This is a story of how 2 sisters reunited and were happy to live happily thereafter. Also, this story is a true inspiration for everyone to know and feel the family love.

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Junior Authors




11th March 2021

About Author

Rida Manha

Rida Manha

Rida Manha, an eight years old author from Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania and is an excellent story creator, master in the language skills and a reader like a scholar and her first story eBook confirms them all. Her ideas in the stories she creates are as beautiful as Rida.

She is fond of playing, watching TV and riding her bike and enjoys eating strawberries and lemons.

Other than reading and writing, she loves baking and enjoys the art and craft activities and to keep her brain sharp and busy, she also likes to play with her puzzle games.

8 reviews for The Reunion Ring

  1. Naurah Abdul- Muneer

    Omg! This is such a great book. Your so talented, besty!!!

  2. Anonymous

    so good and Amazing

  3. elise

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it i read it 3 times 🙂

  4. genn

    hey your book was great I loved it

  5. Anonymous

    i love it

  6. Joel Cobbold

    Nice book Rida want to play Prodigy after school?

  7. Roohi Bhatt

    Amazing book.

  8. Roohi Bhatt

    Excellent book

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