The Rainbow

Svatee Bedi is an aspiring author with her first e-book “The Rainbow” published at Amazon Kindle by Junior Authors. The Rainbow is an educational story for children of all ages. The book has been written in a way that children will learn while enjoying the story to the fullest. A Must read for every child.

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Junior Authors




7th February 2022

About Author

Svatee Bedi

Svatee Bedi

Svatee Bedi is an IT Professional working in Mumbai, India and is also a renowned writer since 2014. Her writing passion has made her successful in many ways. She has been featured in 2 international podcasts. Many of her stories and blogs are featured at various platforms and a short film, 'The Doorbell' is also released based on her story and is even recognised in many International film festivals. She also manages her own blog.
With the launch of her first e-book published by Junior Authors, she is on a journey of writing stories for children explaining various concepts and making them easy to understand for young learners.


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