The Key To Be Happy Forever

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The story of kindness, love and respect are always at the high priorities list for children to learn and have fun together. This story is the combination of all these, so enjoy reading.

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Junior Authors




29th July 2021

About Author

Harshadha G

Harshadha G

Harshadha G is an 11 years old girl from SIngapore who is not just an author but an article writer too and she loves to write whenever she has leisure hours.
Her other hobbies include playing chess, singing and dancing. She also loves to explore new adventures and loves to spend time with her family.

She has a unique quality of not having any dislikes for anything, this makes her even more special.

2 reviews for The Key To Be Happy Forever

  1. Sofia

    Me gusta la conclusión.

  2. Naufah Darain Y.

    Awesome Harshadha!!

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