The Girl and The Lioness

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“The girl and the Lioness” is a short story that teaches us about how great deeds pay back in blessings.

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Junior Authors




12th April 2021

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Sai Manognya Rayavarapu

Sai Manognya Rayavarapu

Sai Manognya Rayavarapu is an eight years old girl from United Kingdom who is cute, cheerful and very lively. She loves nature and her present story that has happened in a forest shows her affection towards the nature. Sai is also fond of pets and again her love for animals can be seen quite well in her first published ebook.

Other than writing stories, Sai loves to read books and she is such a curious reader that she can complete multiple series of the books in one go if the topics interest her.

Talented little girl also loves to play with her legos and because of covid19, she spends most of her leisure hours indoors playing, reading and writing.

12 reviews for The Girl and The Lioness

  1. Ruth

    The Moral is true and people all aroung the world should do good deeds and they will turn out to be blessings.

  2. Anu

    Manognya! My little super star . Your story and the way you developed Mia is a trademark of a good story teller . I can’t wait to cheer for you as you win more accolades in your life .

  3. Rajkamala

    Good job Manognya

  4. Bhargavi Tirumala

    I love the simple, pure and genuine thinking of Mia. What a beautiful world we would make if everyone thought like Mia, great job putting life into Mia, Manognya! She is a reflection of your pure heart! I look forward to reading more stories from you ! Good Job!

  5. vinotha

    Beautiful writing!! Love it!!

  6. R. V. Ramanamma

    Very good moral story.

  7. Bhargavi

    Very well done. Being an 8 year old, having such great thought and creativity is really amazing. Its a very nice script too which can be developed and animated …

  8. Dr I Divya

    Excellent story Sai Manogya. My 7 year old daughter also enjoyed it..All the best and hope you keep writing such wonderfull books sparked from your imagination.

  9. Venkatarao

    Dear manognya , excellent

  10. YourName Kamalini Ayyagari

    Nice attempt. Keep it up.

  11. Ramachandra

    Kids of the generation are very imaginative and doing a great job.

    Well done Junior Authors for providing a platform which really encourages the children to think and be imaginative.

  12. Sudha

    Really excellent manognya

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