The Doughnut

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This short and inspiring story teaches us the biggest lesson of life. Read with your family and friends and enjoy the story of the yummy doughnut.

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Junior Authors




18th March 2021

About Author

Arnav Chauksey

Arnav Chauksey

Arnav Chauksey is an eight years old boy from the USA who believes that "reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body" and so he loves reading all the time and his reading benefits can be seen in his first published story, where he has given a life to the yummy doughnut, says the rest.

Other than reading, he enjoys playing chess, cricket and swimming. At his leisure hours, he likes to do sketching and coloring too.
He is a caring brother and loves to spend time with his sister.
After spending hours in reading, coloring, and playing, he loves to eat his favourite Naan with Paneer and vegetable loaded pizza.

And Yes! Don't forget to see the capture of his very own self-made doughnut at the end.

15 reviews for The Doughnut

  1. Ravi Chauksey

    Such a fun book! Love the imagination and innocence of ideas.

  2. Vedatman

    Nice Arnav

  3. Anonymous

    Nice Arnav

  4. Shweta

    Arnav you a wonderful boy. Keep it up

  5. Aakriti

    Amazing imagination well done

  6. Divss

    Very well written and illustrated. Great imagination and moral of the story. Way to go!

  7. Rankush

    very nice

  8. Mona

    Way to go Arnav.. thumbs up..great moral described through a simple story and imagination . We all loved it.

  9. Saranya Karthick

    Great work Arnav👏👏way to go🤗🤗

  10. Suresh Krishnasamy

    WE read as a family. it was an awesome story describing the importance of unity, friendship and determination. We loved it. Great work Arnav

  11. Abhijeet Sinha

    Very interesting and thoughtful.

  12. Deepti

    Very well written story with a lesson. Well done, Arnav! Proud of you!

  13. Apoorva

    Nice one Arnav. Love your imagination and great moral of the story. Keep up the good work 💯

  14. Alisha Chauksey

    Nice story! Fun to read.

  15. Divya

    Super cute story of a doughnut and a boy

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