The 3 Epic Mer Teens

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This is an adventurous story of the 3 mermaids that will create a true belief in Unity and togetherness.

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Junior Authors




3rd April 2021

About Author

Divya Nitin

Divya Nitin

Divya Nitin is a ten years old charming girl who is very fond of reading books and writing stories.
Her loving and caring attitude can be felt quite well in her first published story where she has mentioned about the love of 3 mermaids and how they helped one another and remained together throughout the tough journey.
Divya is crazy for her dolls and her soft toys and in
her leisure hours, she also enjoys playing monopoly and chess.

She enjoys playing with her little sister too and loves to share everything with her from her favorite ice-creams to her all-time favorite chocolates.

9 reviews for The 3 Epic Mer Teens

  1. Tanmaya

    Lovely book I really love it

  2. Naveen

    Good Job Divya. Keep the good stories coming.

  3. Ajit Menon

    Imaginative & creative story with a nice message. Keep up the good work & looking forward to more such stories from you. God bless.

  4. Arundhati Nithyanand

    well done divya….the book is really creative and fun to read…please write more!

  5. Chris

    Its good and interesting keep the good job up.

  6. Latha Narayan

    Hi little author I loved your imagination and creative thinking. In your book there is a lovely message to all your readers. Congratulations and keep up the good work. I look forward to reading many interesting stories from you.

  7. Dino Kondos

    Great story Divya. My daughter loved me reading the story to her.
    Well done and can’t wait for your next book.

  8. Nitin

    Excellent work divya . I am proud of you and I encourage you continue to put your imagination into writing more of these type of wonderful stories .

    Well done

  9. Ragni Raju

    Very good story Divya keep it up beautiful story

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