Rebel The Leader

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This is a fiction story about a land that has unique creatures yet a normal routine and inspires us to count our blessings rather than complaining about what we don’t have.

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Junior Authors




5th March 2021

About Author

Arundhati Nithyanand

Arundhati Nithyanand

10 years old Arundhati Nithyanand lives in Kuwait and at such a young age she is extremely creative not just in her thoughts but also in her sentences. Her sentences give special meaning to her story.

She is a sports girl and loves playing basketball. football, hockey, and badminton. However, when she is indoors, she enjoys equally with her music box and her camera as she is very fond of photography.

Digital Drawing, reading, playing with her pet dog is her all-time favorite too.

She is a caring sister and shares a strong bond with her brother. Be it her favorite white chocolate or Pad thai, she will never enjoy them without her brother.

16 reviews for Rebel The Leader

  1. Sofiya

    Amazing book

  2. Tanmaya

    I loved it it is one of the best books I have read

    Your friend Tanmaya

  3. A & D

    Very nice loved the book


  4. MayaPai

    Very good imagination and an inspiring story for young ones to read.
    Keep writing Arundhati

  5. Supriya

    So beautifully written with such character details and strong imagination! Cant believe you are only 10 years old!

  6. Jonathan

    Wonderful job πŸ‘…such creativity!

  7. Priya

    Too good Arundhati..i am so proud of u!!!!

  8. Bavya (sparkle listz on yt)

    I am glad I know u this is Bavya u might know me this story was fabulous, the creativity was beyond the confidence of rebel 😁 love it !! Keep it up

  9. Prabha Syed

    Congratulations ! Keep writing ….

  10. Purvi

    What an imagination of a 10 year old! Very well written Arundhati. Kudos to you πŸ™‚

  11. Akanksha Rastogi

    Fantastic Story…!! As I started reading, I loved the way all surroundings are narrated.. One can simply visualise your words ( And this is a wonderful talent). Coming to the story line, page after page, it gave me surprises and by the time I reached mid-way, I got so captivated, eager to read what next. Honestly speaking, not even for a second it appeared as if it is written by 10 year old kid – Narration, Ideas , Imagination , Concept , Moral – everything is too awesome to explain in words. You are Born Author Arundhati …!! I can vouch , you can be Bestselling Author..
    Looking forward to read more from you..
    MANY CONGRATULATIONS!! Keep writing. .!!

  12. Priyanka

    Amazingly well written for a 10 yr old. Loved the narration and the story

  13. Preethi

    A magical story that transports you to the most beautiful world of Scalliet and leaves you wanting to read more stories from the very creative author. The imagery and story telling is definitely one of its kind.

  14. Karen Dsouza

    Beautifully written and what a great imagination πŸ‘Œ

  15. Parvathy Nair

    Beautifully written…brought me back to my Enid blyton days..keep writing arundhati..looking forward to reading your next book.

  16. sharma

    so good! love the narration! what creativity!

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