Pinto: The Brave Girl

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A story that shows the love between a girl and a cute pet rabbit and shows how she has faced the tough challenges to save her lovely pet. The adventure and thrills described in the beautifully crafted sentences used by the six years old are incredible.

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Raaina Kalra

Raaina Kalra

Our eight years old cute author, Raaina Kalra loves reading storybooks and also loves creating her own stories. She has been doing this when she was just 6 years old and her beautiful sentences in her stories will take your heart away. Her cute smile on completion of each story is a treasure.

She is a dedicated and a very disciplined pupil too. She loves studying science and technologies all the time and writing fiction stories is her passion and she says "if writing is an art then grammar is an art kit."

In her everyday life, she is a caring sister, an adorable daughter, and her dad's favorite. Playing chess, building legos, and writing stories are her all-time favorite. She believes in doing everything in 2 minutes exactly like she loves eating 2 minutes Maggi.

The story of Pinto, a brave girl who faced all the challenges and saved her cute and loving pet rabbit from all the dangers, is inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”.

The six years old author “Raaina Kalra” loves Alice in wonderland and so based on the theme, she wrote a similar story but completely her own words and character moving inside it. Must read and give your comments and feedback for the little author to come up with more and better stories.

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  1. Neetu

    Good Job Raaina.. Excellent work

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