Mystery of the Magnet

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Knowledge Skills and Willingness can help you succeed in your work is what this story teaches us. The story with such an insightful moral is drafted beautifully by an 8 years old Amishi Agrawal as her 2nd e book at Junior Authors.

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Junior Authors




2nd September 2021

About Author

Amishi Agrawal

Amishi Agrawal

Amishi Agrawal is an eight years old cute girl from Ireland who believes in "simple living and high thinking" and with this thought, she is close to her friends who are loving and caring like her.

Her hobbies have a long list including singing, drawing and coloring, dancing, making friends, playing indoor games and the list goes on.

Unicorns are her favorite and she is crazy for pizza and ice-creams and this can be felt quite well in her first published eBook.

1 review for Mystery of the Magnet

  1. Shikha khare

    Great story and good learning!!!

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