My Christmas Story

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The story written by an eight years old boy will show you the beauty of the festival in the cutest way. A short yet a very cute story written by Aurob Iyer.

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Junior Authors




1st August 2022

About Author

Aurob Iyer

Aurob Iyer is an enthusiastic and compassionate 8 years old 3rd Grade student ( Studying in Bedok Green Primary school) hailing from Singapore. With a passion for sports, he excels in soccer, tennis, and swimming, showcasing his athleticism and determination on the field and in the pool. Aurob's love for reading has led him to explore the world of comedy books, finding joy and laughter in their pages. Additionally, he has recently embarked on a fun journey of writing, showcasing his creative and imaginative side. Aurob's vibrant personality and diverse interests make him a delightful and well-rounded young individual.

4 reviews for My Christmas Story

  1. Ashwin

    Good narration, expecting more from you. Keep it up.

  2. Aravinth

    Nice book. Keep up the good work.

  3. Arpana

    Excellent and would like to see more books from your end.

  4. Anitha

    Excellent job , keep up the good work

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