Lost Wheel Of The Train

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The Story written by little Idika Gupta will fill you with adventure and emotions. The story not only has a thrilling theme but also has a smooth flow of dialogues to help all the young readers learn and have fun while reading this beautiful story.

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Junior Authors




7th January 2022

13 reviews for Lost Wheel Of The Train

  1. Purvi

    The concept of the book is really unique and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work Idika:-)

  2. Payal Gupta

    Congratulations Idika ! Super impressive and an interesting read.
    Keep writing. Way to go !!

  3. Payal Gupta

    Congratulations Idika! Must say it’s a very interesting read.Highly impressed and proud.
    Keep writing and keeping shining baby.
    Way to go !!

  4. deepti gothi

    Wow!! Wonderful story Idika👍. Loved reading it and will surely read it to Rishit and Divit. Wish you love and luck for all future endeavours. Continue writing as we shall be waiting for more!!
    Kudos and congratulations to the proud parents 😊❤️

  5. varun aswani

    awesome creativity .. the story had a good flow , the characters , suspense and showed different layers. Lil one has a lot of potential to do well

  6. Richa Srivastava

    Good story with lots of surprises . Keeps the suspense intact till the end of the story.

  7. Shubhi

    Very imaginative

  8. Anonymous

    nice story

  9. Neha Jain

    Super cute story Idika. Very impressive writing and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it along with Aarav-Advik.
    They loved your book too….keep writing, way to go ❤️

  10. A Rastogi

    Congratulations for publishing this superb and amazing story. The Dragon and young boy, Vivaan adventure is exciting. The moment I started reading, I was glued to the story, eagerly turning pages to know what next..? Writing such a creative story in such a beautiful way, at this young age is praiseworthy. A big APPLAUSE gor you dear Idika… Keep writing and Keep sharing more stories.

  11. Akanksha Rastogi

    This story is really interesting and unique. The way it unfolds is surprising and keeps the reader engaged. Its hard to believe, its written by a 7 year ild Author. The creativity, descriptions and flow in storyline is commendable. Keep Up the good work Idika!!! Looking forward to read many more stories from you..

  12. Anonymous

    Nicely narrated. Looking forward to more stories.

  13. Olivia

    Amazing Story. Interesting to read.

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