Kind Dad

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Kind Dad is a cute story written by a cute 7 years old girl who loves her daddy the most and her story is inspired by her love for her dad.

A short and cute story to overwhelm every child during bedtime.

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Junior Authors




24th August 2021

About Author

Danya Dhingra

Danya Dhingra

Danya Dhingra is a 7 years old cute girl from Singapore who loves her daddy the most. Her story is also inspired by her daddy's love. Danya loves reading and with her first ebook, she is now very much keen to write more stories.

Other than reading, she loves swimming and above all, she enjoys fighting with her brother :)
Watching TV with her favorite Kadhi Rice(Indian food) is her favorite fun.

2 reviews for Kind Dad

  1. gaura sethi

    A wonderfully written story by such a talented young child.Simple and apt choice of words and very relatable anecdotes.A lovely reflection of her true feelings for her father
    Keep writing ✍ All the best

  2. Neera Datta

    Amazing writing
    Very well written
    Keep it up 👍
    Waiting for more stories
    Pls write ✍️
    Good luck 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️

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