Dark to Light

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The story ‘Dark to Light’ will teach you to believe that every hope has light and with love and non-violence, it can be achieved.

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Junior Authors




30th March 2021

About Author

Lakshmi Seethamraju

Lakshmi Seethamraju

Lakshmi Seethamraju is a 9 years old girl from the United States of America who is fond of reading fiction books and her reading skills are very much seen in her first published eBook where she has created a character who proves there is light after every darkness.

Other than reading, Lakshmi loves to play with her legos and she also loves to spend time with her family and friends.
Singing is her another passion and she loves to sing in all moods.

Pizza and ice-creams are 2 things that bring energy and more creativity to her skills.

2 reviews for Dark to Light

  1. Divya Nitin

    Well done, the story was wonderful and i encourage you to wright more ,hope to see more books in the future

  2. bindu

    good job sarupya

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