Jiyana is a 7 year old cute and caring little girl from St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. She is a multitalented and a very sensitive child. She enjoys her friends company and also loves to be around elderly ones.
She likes to recite shlokas and loves to read literature. The absolute best part about Jiyana is her kind heart, what makes her special is when someone is not feeling well at home, she will check on them constantly, care for them and pray for their speedy recovery.
She loves going to school and very passionate about singing, dancing, reading, gymnastics, painting and the list goes on.
Her new passion of writing stories is giving her wings to reach the world and share her thoughts and ideas to make lives healthier and happier. She loves to be on the beaches and her first published eBook is a reflection of her lifestyle, in fact, the characters of the story are her two best friends from school.
Her motto is to learn and spread the knowledge of moral values by doing the right things. She would love to provide her story books to kids who love to read.

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