About us

What is Junior Authors all about?

junior-authors.com is an initiative to encourage children to read and write and develop creativity and imagination. This platform has been developed by a Parenting Coach, Child Psychologist, and Educationist, Supriya Kalra with a motive to inculcate the love for learning in every child and unleash their presentation skills because she believes that knowledge without presentation doesn’t reap results. To motivate kids to put their creativity and imaginary thoughts in the form of stories, Junior Authors give them an opportunity to get their storybooks published online for the world to read. When the hard work is aligned with a goal, expect a miracle and that’s what is happening at Junior Authors.

Joining Junior Authors bring more benefits to your child

  • Master the Writing Skills
  • Gains fluency in framing sentences
  • Develops  Reading habits
  • Becomes grammatically perfect
  • Masters in storytelling skills
  • Builds Imagination Skills
  • Empower Vocabulary Skills

Mission and Vision

Creating learning desires and developing academic excellence in every child through writing and reading habit. Aligning their learning schedules with the defined purpose to motivate them to set and achieve their immediate and long-term goals.