About us

What is Junior Authors all about?

junior-authors.com is an initiative to encourage children to present their knowledge, learning, and creative thoughts in the form of story writing, public speaking, and peer training. Junior Authors is an initiative by a Parenting Coach, Child Psychologist, and an Educationist, Supriya Kalra with a motive to inculcate the love for learning in every child and unleash their presentation skills because she believes that knowledge without presentation doesn’t reap results.

To begin the journey with us, you need to sign up for our 6 Days Story Writing Program in which we prepare children for writing stories in multiple ways, and during the sessions, we enhance their grammar, vocabulary, sentence formations, etc. The session is not just about teaching the techniques of writing but it is a 6 days motivational journey where children are encouraged to Learn with Passion. Our objective is to create a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in the child for learning, reading, and writing.

Joining Junior Authors brings more benefits to your child

  • Master the Writing Skills
  • Gains fluency in framing sentences
  • DevelopsĀ  Reading habits
  • Becomes grammatically perfect
  • Masters in storytelling skills
  • Builds Imagination Skills
  • Empower Vocabulary Skills

Mission and Vision

The world’s first digital platform where communication and leadership are not just taught but are incorporated in every child with practical experience in the real world by publishing their ebooks, by launching their storytelling videos, by creating their peer teaching audios, etc. We have a proper support channel customized for every child where we support in editing their stories, videos, and speech and also provide them the customized practice worksheets, customized writing guidelines, learning, and interactive videos for self-improvement.