How can we inculcate self-study habits in children?

inculcate study habits in child
How can we inculcate self-study habits in children?

“How lucky are you to have a self-study habit in your child.” This is a dream compliment for every parent whose children are intelligent, active, cute, smart but still needs a lot of follow ups and tutors to study in his/her daily routine.

So, with these easy-to-follow tips, you can help your child develop self-study habits.

60 Days Routine Challenge

The psychology and child development research says that young minds are very flexible and adapt habits and routines very quickly, so we must utilize this trait of our children to develop a self-study habit. All you need to do is follow a strict 60 day routine for all their activities from morning till bedtime. The 60 days strict routine challenge will develop an autopilot mode in your child to follow the routine. After 60 days, he will be so used to following the schedule. Initially, with little follow-up, he/she will start following the schedule and gradually it will become their habit. The scheduled routine is the first step toward building a self-study habit.

My Study Desk Concept

There must be a defined place or a study desk where the child should do all his homework and self-study. The place should not be very much isolated from the rest of the house and neither should be in the middle of the home. The idea behind this is to ensure the child doesn’t feel left out alone and neither should be distracted with the daily chores of the house. If he has a fixed place to study and he has followed 60 days routine challenge and have spent his study hours at the same desk for 60 days, he will be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally to devote study time to himself.

Label Them Right

We often talk about our child’s study habits and label them as “he doesn’t study”, “he is not interested in studies”, he never pays attention”, etc. These sentences are though true but such truth if is spoken again and again to the child, won’t do any good but they will definitely create a label for the child and the child starts recognizing himself as “I don’t study”, I don’t pay attention” which then hinders in their concentration during all study hours. So avoid talking or saying anything negative, instead, you can say, “I know you have now planned to put more time in your studies”, “you will always shine in our trust “, and so on.

Model The Behavior

Kids are great observers and so it is rightly said, “kids don’t learn much on what we teach but remember for long on what they see.” Yes, if you as a parent model any habit or behavior in the child, it is very obvious the child will follow your trait and will develop the habits you want to inculcate in him/her.


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