Junior Authors – Creating Magic in Learning

It has been scientifically proven and well said by the famous Leonardo Da Vinci that “learning a lesson without desire, spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” Therefore, fostering love for learning in the child should be the first step towards his/her academic and overall development. Therefore, as a child psychologist, a parenting coach and a mother of two , I truly believe that “Motivate Your Child to Learn and Your Half Work is Done”.

Taking a serious note on the above said, Junior Authors has been launched digitally to reach out to every child and motivate and encourage them to learn. For this reason, learning has been attached with a purpose or rather call it a short term measurable goal at

Why Story Writing?

Learning English(as a second language) from a young age has an incredible effect on the cerebral development of a child. They will acquire a greater capacity for concentration and will be much more agile and effective at problem solving. Another very interesting advantage is that your child will be able to efficiently multitask. Knowing these benefits which are scientifically proven gave us the reason to choose the story writing as the mode to strengthen their language skills. When a child is encouraged to perform on the topics or subject of his choice, his efforts and desires double and he starts falling in love with his work.

Story Writing is the medium which will focus on the development of language which is strongly interdependent with, and supports, your child’s brain development and cognitive development. Studies have shown that having a large vocabulary increases creativity and helps people to come up with new ideas.

Our step by step and Interactive Writing Session makes the young hearts fall in love with writing and when they get the golden opportunity to see the world reading their published story adds extra topping to the purpose.

15 Comments on “Junior Authors – Creating Magic in Learning

  1. Junior Authors! Well done for a very interactive session. My child thoroughly enjoyed the class. The ideas and approach explained did have a remarkable difference in the way she writes. Thank You 🙂

  2. Thanks to junior authors , My daughter enjoyed the story writing workshop conducted by Supriya , She is so dedicated and encouraging

  3. My heart felt gratitude to Junior Authors team for igniting young minds creativity. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the session and is looking forward for more engagement as a Junior Author now.

  4. Praayan really enjoyed the story writing workshop conducted by Supriya. She is very dedicated and encouraging. In the first session my son could not understand a few things so Supriya made sure he attends another session and understands each and everything about story writing. Thanks for your efforts.

    • I would like to thank the team for providing such a great platform to improve creativity and writing skills of little ones. My girl loved the session and looking forward to be a junior author. As per her, the session helped her in exploring different ideas and choosing an appropriate title for the story.

  5. Hi,
    My daughter loves writing and Junior authors is a very good platform for encouraging kids with their imagination stories to come live in their writing ..She liked the writing tips in online workshop a lot and used the tips in her writing. Thank You for this opportunity!! Eagerly waiting for the results!!!!

  6. Arundhati really loved the workshop and got very valuable insights on the art of writing stories. Thanks a lot for all the support and encouragement you have given her.


  7. Thank you Junior Authors team for bringing out hidden talent in my son. I was amazed to see enthusiasm in my son to pen down his imagination. He has thoroughly enjoyed the session and looking forward to many more of it in coming time.

  8. My daughter enjoyed the creative writing class and learnt some important tips and tricks in the same! She used them in her story-writing and is eagerly waiting for the results😍.
    A much-needed course for the US kids as they write less than their Indian peers, in general!

    • My daughter enjoyed the session and she find it helpful in her writing. She is using the tips and tricks in her new story writing.

    • First of all a big thankyou to Junior Authors Team. My daughter enjoyed the lesson truly and she learnt how to express her thoughts in a creative way.😊

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