Why age between 7 yrs.-11yrs. is marked interesting?

As the title says “when the child is in the age range of 7 years – 11 years, psychologists become very much interested in the concept of a child’s intelligence during this point of cognitive development. Here, cognitive development relates to a children’s adaptation to the world around them, their knowledge, and their ability to understand the reason. This newly developed ability is of great importance in the classroom, of course, as children can now have a more focused approach to their teachers and schoolwork. Cognitive abilities such as memory and concentration improve significantly in children between the ages range of 7 years to 11 years. Children have a much stronger attention span than they did before, and they can better remember information for more extended periods. Not only is this ability improved, but their selective attention is also better. This means that they can tune out any distractions, and can focus on the task at hand. At this point, children can engage in mental multitasking. They can focus on the questions of their teachers, think about several different answers, give a response, process the responses of their peers, and participate in class discussions. Children at this age have a systematic way of thinking about multiple things, and they have a sense of their inner world. These children are also improving their problem-solving skills. Because of this, they have more experience to draw from when recalling information. Children of this age range also use mnemonic devices to memorize things, something that young children cannot do. They often create acronyms, humorous phrases, or songs that help them to memorize facts, as it helps when a child can repeat facts over and over again. Children of this age can also remember more by participating in cooperative learning, where adult-supervised education depends on the interaction with a child’s peers, planning, sharing, and supporting each other. Children in the middle years also begin to show an ability known as metamemory, which allows them to not only comprehend what memory is but also helps them to predict how well they will remember something.
Being a Parenting Coach and a Child Psychologist, I truly believe we should utilize this natural development phase to its best and help our little bundle of joys to enhance their personality, skills and overall growth by giving and showing them all love they deserve, appreciate them for everything they do for themselves and encourage them to be self-reliant and self-disciplined in every aspect of their lives.

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