Magical Phrases – Parenting Made Easy

As a parenting expert, the most common problem of every parent I have experienced is their concern about their child saying “NO” to their commands and to most of the things he is supposed to do or follow.

I believe, we have to accept a fact that we have become parents in a completely different era than the one we grew up in. The world, the technology, and the lifestyle didn’t change as rapidly then as it does now and so our little ones who are meant to fit in this ever-changing world are dynamic too. Long gone are the days of “because I said so” and “I’m your parent and that’s the way it is.” If we want our children to listen to our words, thoughts, and feelings, then we need to lead by example. So, stop worrying when your child is never listening to you, but worry as he is always watching you. Your behavior, your words, and your actions are all being captured in his heart and mind and he is going to adapt the way you live, act, and say.

So, if parenting is getting too complicated, and you are puzzled with all the advice and suggestions, just go back to the basics and these simple phrases will do the magic.

  1. Thank you, my love!
  2. Please darling
  3. I’m so sorry baby…
  4. Hey! you look sad/angry/frustrated
  5. Oh!! That must have hurt
  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts/feelings with me
  7. How can I help?
  8. I will be happy to know if you need anything from me right now?
  9. It sounds like you need my hug
  10. Tell me more…
  11. Wow! How exciting!
  12. I really want to know, what do you think?
  13. I want to know which would you choose?
  14. Can you help? Do you have any ideas?
  15. How would you solve this problem?
  16. Let’s take a deep breath together
  17. Let’s start over again…
  18. Let’s talk about this when we’re calm
  19. I appreciate your hard work and smart work.
  20. Wow!! You are really a responsible boy/girl now…
  21. You deserved this as your hard work is really worth this.
  22. Great Progress!! I love it
  23. I love spending time with you!
  24. You are so special and my superhero/my angel!
  25. This is a mistake but I still love you and will help you to correct it for the next time.
  26. I love you to the moon and back

Using these phrases often will make your bond with your child stronger, will raise his self-esteem, and will also make him emotionally strong. Once you are able to make them emotionally strong, you are half work done and remember praises can do wonders for your child provided you are encouraging him for the improvements too.

Being a Parenting Coach and a Child Psychologist, I truly believe in leading by example because children don’t learn what we teach them but they become what they witness every day. So remember, your actions, your words and your behavior are the key ingredients in nurturing your child’s personality.

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