Create Writing Skills Using Imagination

Story writing is all about putting your creative thoughts in words and sentences for any character or situation. Your words define the characters in your story and the sentences create a picture and a situation in readers’ minds that you have drafted throughout in your story.

When we read any storybook without any graphics or pictures, we are able to have the look and feel of the characters and we are able to imagine the settings of the story. These are called imaginary thoughts which are the result of the writing skills of the author.

Writing is actually an art that helps you to draft the situations, characters, and the settings in a way that they read real and your words and sentences bring lives to them.

A recent survey was done with few parents from various countries including Singapore, United States, Australia, and India; where the data revealed that 70% of the parents think the language fluency can bring the writing skills in their children but the truth is, it works exactly the opposite. Story writing skills can bring fluency in the language and can enrich the vocabulary of the kids similar to what reading do.

At Junior Authors, we aim to motivate children to develop writing skills in their everyday routine to enhance their language proficiency, enriching their vocabulary, and above all, we bring lives to their characters and settings by publishing each story they write by designing them the way they had imagined while writing.

Our step by step and Interactive Writing Guide and Sample Practice Papers will be a definite success for your child. Reading the published story is an added advantage to get motivated and earn great learnings.



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    • We have a live session in the form of live workshop where kids are trained and inspired for creating and writing their stories.

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